Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

  1. Dr. Dewi Muliaty, Prodia Clinical Laboratory, Indonesia

Senior Executive Editors

  1. Dr. Andi Wijaya, Postgraduate Program in Clinical Biochemistry, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

Managing Editor

  1. Dr. Anna Meiliana, Postgraduate Program in Clinical Pharmacy Padjadjaran University, Indonesia

Board of Editors

  1. Prof. Dr. Askandar Tjokroprawiro, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Indonesia
  2. Dwi Astuti Handayani, Prodia Clinical Laboratory, Indonesia
  3. Prof. Geraldine Budomo Dayrit, Department of Clinical Chemistry, Trinity University of Asia, Philippines
  4. Prof. Howard Arthur Morris, Division of Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, Australia
  5. Prof. Joseph Bercmans Lopez, Department of Biomedical Sciences, MAHSA University College, Malaysia
  6. Dr. Julius July, Department of Neurosurgery, Medical Faculty, Pelita Harapan University, Indonesia
  7. Dr. Marita Kaniawati, Prodia Clinical Laboratory, Indonesia
  8. Dr. Rizky Abdulah, Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia
  9. Dr. Trilis Yulianti, Prodia Clinical Laboratory, Indonesia