Article in Press

Article in Press is an article which has been reviewed and accepted but has not been copyedited and formatted. Thus, it has not yet appeared in a regular issue of the journal. Each article persists as Article in Press only until the article is published in the final version. Copyediting may lead to minor differences between the Article in Press version and the final version. 

Articles in Press are citable, although the final published article is preferred for citation, if available. 


Splice-site and Frameshift Mutations of β-Globin Gene Found in Thalassemia Carrier Screening in Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia
Niken Satuti Nur Handayani, Nailil Husna, Gunawan Rahmil, Riris Anindya Ghifari, Lily Widyawati, Indra Lesmana
Available online: January 12, 2021

Association of AID and MUM1 by Immunohistochemistry in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
Mardiah Suci Hardianti, Syahru Agung Setiawan, Nungki Anggorowati, Wiwiek Probowati
Available online: January 7, 2021

Metabolomics: An Emerging Tool for Precision Medicine
Anna Meiliana, Nurrani Mustika Dewi, Andi Wijaya
Available online: January 5, 2021

Ethanol Extract of Spondias pinnata Leaves Reduce Parasite Number and Increase Macrophage Phagocytosis Capacity of Mice Infected by Plasmodium berghei
Dewa Ayu Agus Sri Laksemi, I Gusti Kamasan Arijana, I Made Sudarmaja, Ni Luh Ariwati, Ketut Tunas, Putu Ayu Asri Damayanti, Ni Luh Putu Eka Diarthini, I Kadek Swastika, Ida Ayu Dewi Wiryantini
Available online: December 30, 2020

Assessment of sdLDL-C by Three Different Formula and Its Correlation with Clinical Variables Among Diabetes Individuals with and without Nephropathy
Desy Thayyil Menambath, Durga Rao Yella, Ashok Prabhu Khandige, Sudha Kuthethur, Nandini Mangalore
Available online: December 30, 2020

Vasoactive-inotropic Score for Early Detection and Mortality Prediction of Sepsis in Children
Aileen Clarissa Dauhan, Aridamuriany Dwiputri Lubis, Munar Lubis
Available online: November 12, 2020

Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms on Locus 13q33.1-34 in Multigenerational Families of Cleft Lip Palate using MassArray
Praveen Kumar Neela, Srinivas Reddy Gosla, Akhter Husain, Vasavi Mohan, Sravya Thumoju, Rajeshwari
Available online: September 30, 2020