Article in Press

Article in Press is an article which has been reviewed and accepted but has not been copyedited and formatted. Thus, it has not yet appeared in a regular issue of the journal. Each article persists as Article in Press only until the article is published in the final version. Copyediting may lead to minor differences between the Article in Press version and the final version. 

Articles in Press are citable, although the final published article is preferred for citation, if available. 


Low Level of Vitamin D is Correlated with High C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and Disease Activity in Indonesian Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) Patients
Desy Wulandari, Wisnu Barlianto, Tita Luthfia Sari
Available online: May 15, 2020

Simvastatin Improves Renal Function and Glomerulosclerosis in Ischemic-reperfusion Injury
Putu Nita Cahyawati, Desak Putu Oki Lestari, Ayu Savitri Siskayani, I Made Toya Ariawan
Available online: May 13, 2020

Comparison of Syphilis Rapid Diagnostic Test to Rapid Plasma Reagin, Treponema pallidum Haemagglutination Assay and Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody-Absorption for Syphilis and Yaws Diagnostics
Astuti Giantini, Dewi Wulandari, Siskawati Suparmin
Available online: May 8, 2020

Administration of Vitamin D3 Improves Hemoglobin Level by Regulating TNF-a and IL-6 in DSS-induced Colitis Mice
Ervin Monica, Primayuni Dhia Hasanah, Arief Fadillah, Rara Aulia, Eko Sulistijono, Satrio Wibowo
Available online: May 8, 2020

Microbiological and Biochemical Contamination Analysis of Refilled Drinking-water in Abeli, Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi
Juminten Saimin, Hartati, Yenti Purnamasari, Sufiah Asri Mulyawati, Tien, Pranita Aritrina
Available online: April 19, 2020

Dedifferentiation of MCF-7 Breast Cancer Continuous Cell Line, Development of Breast Cancer Stem Cells (BCSCs) Enriched Culture and Biomarker Analysis
Ami Ashariati Prayogo, Andi Yasmin Wijaya, Winona May Hendrata, Steven Sheng Looi, Reny I’tishom, Lukman Hakim, Fedik Abdul Rantam, I Ketut Sudiana, Abdurachman
Available online: April 15, 2020

CAPN10 SNP-19 is Associated with Susceptibility of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Javanese Case-control Study
Yanuarita Tursinawati, Rifqi Fauzan Hakim, Afiana Rohmani, Arum Kartikadewi, Ferry Sandra
Available online: April 3, 2020

The Usefulness of C-Reactive Protein, Procalcitonin, and PELOD-2 Score as a Predictive Factor of Mortality in Sepsis
Munar Lubis, Aridamuriany Dwiputri Lubis, Badai Buana Nasution
Available online: April 3, 2020